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City of San Ramon

Request for Proposals for Collection and Processing Services


Main RFP Document

  1. Request for Proposals for Collection and Processing Services
  2. RFP Addendum #1
  3. RFP Addendum #2
  4. Answers to Proposer’s Questions #1
  5. Answers to Proposer’s Questions #2
  6. RFP Addendum #3
  7. RFP Addendum #4
  8. RFP Addendum #5 New – Added 4-30-2018 

RFP Attachments

  1. Service Area Map
  2. 2018 Approved Customer Rates
  3. Cost Proposal Forms
  4. Secretary’s Certificate
  5. Anti-Collusion Affidavit
  6. Iran Contracting Act Certification
  7. Draft Franchise Agreement for Collection and Processing Services

Additional Background

  1. Current Agreements
  2. Account Data
  3. City Services Drop Box Loads
  4. City Facilities Services
  5. 2018 Neighborhood Clean-Up Day Schedule
  6. Route Maps
  7. Residential Collection Days Map
  8. Faria Preserve Development Map
  9. Dougherty Valley Development Map
  10. Chang Property Development Map
  11. Bishop Ranch Map
  12. City Public Litter Cans Map
  13. City Center Phase One Plan
  14. Residential Street Sweeping Routes (Day)
  15. Commercial Arterial Street Sweeping Routes (Night)
  16. Neighborhood Cleanup Schedule by Street 2018
  17. Neighborhood Cleanup Schedule by Street 2018 (Excel)
  18. December 2017 WMAC Monthly Report 
  19. Push/Pull Bin Count by Distance 
  20. Residential Street Sweeping Days Map 
  21. AB 1669 San Ramon Driver Report 
  22. Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign-In Sheet
  23. Pre-Proposal Meeting Presentation
  24. Updated Commercial Accounts   
  25. Updated Residential Accounts  
  26. Updated Multi-Family Complex List   
  27. Updated Account Data Notes   
  28. Garbage Rates Survey Analysis  
  29. City Public Litter Modules
  30. Motor Courts and Alleys
  31. Current Collective Bargaining Agreement for Drivers 


The City of San Ramon (City) is requesting proposals for the collection of solid waste, and the collection and processing of recyclable materials and organic materials. The Request for Proposal (RFP) Package and all associated materials are solely available on this designated website.