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Compliance Reviews and Audits

Top-Tier Audit Services

Penalties. Lost business. Litigation. Recordkeeping has become a high-stakes endeavor. At HF&H, our global approach to recycling and solid waste audits prevents problems and protects your jurisdiction by ensuring accuracy, integrity and excellence at every turn. Reliable information makes all the difference. That’s why HF&H has developed a suite of recycling and solid waste audit services you can trust. Our experts provide in-depth reviews to determine the accuracy of all your hauler fee payments, reported tonnage, billing, and rate adjustment requests.

HF&H clients gain peace of mind from our in-depth solid waste audits by:

  • Verifying that residential and business bills reflect approved rates and accurate service levels.
  • Ensuring all franchise, AB 939 or other fees remitted are accurate.
  • Confirming that haulers have complied with recycling and solid waste service contracts; made reasonable, appropriate rate requests & adjustments; and accurately reported collected tonnage.
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Billing and Service Audits:

We audit residential and commercial customer bills to ensure they reflect approved collection rates and match the level of services provided, including the collection frequency and the size and number of containers serviced. There are many times jurisdictions are just one jurisdiction of many in a hauler’s billing database. We also review the customer’s jurisdiction coding to ensure it is correctly coded.

Contract Compliance Audits:

We evaluate hauler performance records to ensure they provide services to meet your recycling and solid waste service contracts and diversion requirements. If hauler performance does not comply, HF&H offers proven solutions.

Hauler Fee Payment and Tonnage Audits:

We determine the accuracy of franchise fees, AB 939 fees and other solid waste disposal fees based on assessment and hauler information records. We also analyze hauler reports and supporting records to verify the amount of tonnage collected and establish correct diversion rates.

Is Your Hauler’s Non-Compliance Costing Your Agency Money?

A recent HF&H contract compliance audit revealed that the agency’s hauler had misclassified multiple high-volume commercial accounts, leading to consistent underpayment of fees for at least five years. HF&H helped the agency recover the unpaid fee amounts.

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