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Financial Plans and Cost-of-Service Analysis

Long-Term Funding to Meet Capital and Operational Needs

Our approach to structuring fees and charges based on the proportionate cost of providing services allows our clients to meet their long-term funding needs during ever changing economic conditions

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Financial Plans:

Incorporating adequate reserves into a multi-year financing plan can mean the difference between a system that is self-sustaining and one that is struggling. How much should be reserved depends on many factors including projected capital needs, ongoing operations and maintenance levels, billing frequency, etc. At HF&H, we specialize in strategic planning that focuses on meeting immediate needs while keeping perspective and planning for the long-term viability of the system.

Cost-of-Service Analysis:

Fair, equitable, and sensible water, sewer, and storm drain fees and charges that adequately fund system operations and maintenance while encouraging conservation. At HF&H, our comprehensive cost-of-service studies assist municipalities and other agencies in addressing their current financial challenges by establishing rates that are equitable to the ratepayers and compliant with Proposition 218, Proposition 26, and other legal constraints. We specialize in developing rate structures that balance revenue stability with ratepayer equity through a combination of fixed and volumetric charges that balance your rate-making objectives.

Is it Time to Review Your Financial Plans and Rate/Fee Structures?

HF&H recommends that agencies review their rates, fees, and financial plans every year. Typically, financial plans and cost-of-service studies are developed for a five-year planning period and rely heavily on forecasting ever changing economic conditions and customer behavior, which can negatively impact cash reserves available for operations and capital improvements..  An annual review, and possible update, of your financial plans and cost-of-services studies as conditions change is an important step towards long-term sustainability.

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