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Case Studies

HF&H has completed thousands of consulting projects in the areas of recycling, solid waste, water and wastewater services

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Recycling and Solid Waste Services Case Studies

Our recycling and solid waste practice focuses on assisting clients with planning diversion and Zero Waste programs, managing competitive RFP processes for contractor selection, negotiating contracts, determining and reviewing contractor compensation, and setting residential and commercial recycling, organics, and solid waste rates. In addition, we conduct reviews of contractor and municipal operator performance, records, and payments for accuracy and regulatory compliance.

Water, Sewer, and Stormwater Case Studies

Our water, sewer, and stormwater practice focuses on assisting clients with financial planning, rate structure design and rate setting, connection/capacity fee development, cost allocation studies, cost of service assessments, and litigation and regulatory support resulting in defensible rates and charges for water-, wastewater-, stormwater-related programs.

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Recycling and Solid Waste Services Case Studies

Multiple Cities

Organics Negotiations

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Disposal Procurement

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City of San Ramon

High Diversion Planning and Procurement (2017-18)

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City of Pleasanton

Sole-Source Negotiations (2017-18)

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City of Manhattan Beach

Solid Waste Procurement (2002, 2011, 2018)

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City of Elk Grove

Transfer Facility Feasibility Study (2018-19)

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Franchise Development Services (2012-14)

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City of Bellflower

Competitive Procurement, Negotiations (2004, 2011)

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City of Beverly Hills

Competitive Procurement, Negotiations (2003, 2010)

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City of Fresno

Commercial and Multi-Family Solid Waste Procurement (2010)

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City of Hermosa Beach

Competitive Contract Procurement – (2011-13)

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City of Lawndale

Contract Management Services (1997-Present)

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County of Santa Cruz

Non-Exclusive Roll-off Franchising (2013)

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City of Sunnyvale

SMaRT Station Operator Procurements (2000, 2007, 2014)

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