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Case Studies

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City of Bellflower

Competitive Procurement, Negotiations (2004, 2011)

Project Background

In 2004, after 40 years with the same waste collector, the City of Bellflower engaged HF&H to conduct a competitive procurement for a new residential and commercial collection agreement. The City needed to implement new programs that would increase waste diversion to meet State goals. Accurate service data was not readily available for use in an RFP.

Project Results

As a result of the work performed by HF&H: the City reduced overall rates by 23% (saving ratepayers $11.3 million over the 8-year term); the contractor reimbursed the City for the costs related to the procurement; the City received $347,500 in annual funding to the City for its solid waste related expenses; the City received free collection from its facilities, sponsored events, and free disposal of street sweepings; the City received free commercial and multi-family recycling; the City’s refuse was transformed to meet State diversion requirements; the City received collection and processing of electronic waste, diversion of manure from horse properties, new collection vehicles and residential carts; and the City received improved reporting and performance requirements. In 2011, the City chose to negotiate an extension to the current agreement and again retained HF&H for negotiations assistance. HF&H assisted the City in executing an agreement that added City-wide street sweeping services and other service enhancements at no cost increase to the rate payers or the City.