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Case Studies

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Disposal Procurement (2018-2019)

Project Background

The SBWMA contracts with Republic Services for landfill disposal services at Ox Mountain Landfill for receipt of solid waste from all member agencies. In preparation for the December 31, 2019 expiration of the disposal agreement, the SBWMA engaged HF&H to manage a competitive procurement process for solicitation of disposal services and additional service enhancements such as land leasing and other material handling services.  

Project Results

HF&H prepared and issued an RFP for disposal services. Proposals have been received and evaluated by HF&H. Summary findings and recommendations were presented in February 2019 to a selection committee (comprised of various member agency representatives) and will be presented in May 2019 to the SBWMA Board. Subsequent to the Board’s selection of a preferred proposer, final contract negotiations facilitated by HF&H, will be completed in June.