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County of Kern

Request for Statements of Interest

Request for Statements of Interest Document

Background Information

Kern County, located in California’s Central Valley, is releasing “Waste Diversion Services – Request for Statements of Interest” (Request for SOI), requesting non-binding statements of interest.


The County is seeking interested parties to assist in providing processes, technologies and possible facility development to process materials to reduce landfill disposal, and particularly the disposal of organic materials as defined under pending regulations implementing California’s SB 1383.


The County’s Public Works Department’s Operations Division operates seven major sanitary landfills and four larger transfer stations.


HF&H Consultants, LLC is managing the Request for Statements of Interest (Request for SOI) process on behalf of the County. The Request for SOI, including the schedule, related documents, and all addenda will be posted to this website. Contact HF&H at KernCo@hfh-consultants.com to receive updates regarding the process, schedule, materials posted on the website, to ask questions, and to receive responses to questions asked by all interested parties as further described in the Request for SOI.


Submittals will be reviewed for compliance with the Request for SOI. Firms submitting compliant responses will be asked to further present their solution, and may be recommended to the Kern County Board of Supervisors for inclusion in a more formal request for proposal (RFP) process.

Summary and Description of Background Information

1. Facility Capacity Studies

  • The following documents provide information on the capacity of key waste facilities within Kern County, as of January 2019.
    1. 2019 Summary of Facility Capacity Studies
    2. 2019 Bena Facility Capacity Study
    3. 2019 Boron Facility Capacity Study
    4. 2019 Mojave Facility Capacity Study
    5. 2019 Ridgecrest Facility Capacity Study
    6. 2019 Shafter Facility Capacity Study
    7. 2019 Taft Facility Capacity Study
    8. 2019 Tehachapi Facility Capacity Study
    9. 2019 Bena Facility Capacity Study (CAD) NEW 9-18-19
    10. 2019 Mojave Facility Capacity Study (CAD) NEW 9-18-19
    11. 2019 Shafter Facility Capacity Study (CAD) NEW 9-18-19

2. Five-Year CIWMP Review Report (2018)

  • The Kern County Public Works Department presented reports reviewing the Five-Year Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CIWMP) to the Local Task Force on January 19, 2018. This document details the review of these reports from the Local Task Force that was submitted to CalRecycle.

3. CIWMP Source Reduction and Recycling Element (2015 Amendment)

  • This 2015 amendment to the Source Reduction and Recycling Element for unincorporated Kern County describes the programs, activities, and efforts that have successfully achieved and maintained the mandatory waste diversion goals established by AB 939; and describes plans and programs to comply with AB 341 and AB 1826.

4. 2007 Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill Final EIR [Excerpts]

  • This environmental impact report includes information necessary for the environmental evaluation of the revision of the land use and solid waste facility permits for the Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill in 2007.

5. 2012 Mojave-Rosamond Draft EIR [Excerpts]

  • This document is the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Kern County Waste Management Department Mojave-Rosamond Recycling and Sanitary Landfill Permit Revision Project.

6. 2014 Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill Supplemental EIR [Excerpts]

  • This document provides supplemental information for the Tehachapi Sanitary Landfill Permit Revision Project.

7. 2015 Kern County Compostable Organics Plan

  • This document provides a site by site analysis of what has been done and what additional resources would be needed at each major waste facility within the County to execute the County’s organic materials handling strategy in compliance with existing and pending regulations.

8. 2015 Kern County Organics Diversion Strategy Report

  • This reports provides the 2015 Kern County Organics Diversion Strategy. This plan was developed to address organic processing challenges and new regulatory requirements under AB 1826 and includes recommendations on how to expand capacity within the County and create successful organics programs.

9. 2019 Shafter-Wasco CASP Layout Plan NEW 9-18-19

  • This is a layout plan for the Shafter-Wasco Compost Covered Aerated Static Pile.