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Water, Sewer, and Stormwater

Our water, sewer, and stormwater practice focuses on assisting clients with financial planning, rate structure design and rate setting, connection/capacity fee development, cost allocation studies, cost of service assessments, and litigation and regulatory support resulting in defensible rates and charges for water-, wastewater-, stormwater-related programs.

Rate and Connection Fee Studies

We develop rates, rate designs, and connection fees to ensure revenue stability and rate payer equity.

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Financial Plans and Cost-of-Service Analysis

We develop strategic financial plans and cost-of-service analyses to ensure long-term funding of operations, capital improvements, and reserves.

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Cost Allocation Studies

We develop highly defensible allocation formulas for a variety of costs including public safety, stormwater, recycled water, and regional facilities.

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Litigation Support

We assist attorneys in dispute resolution, in negotiations over service contracts, and in regulatory compliance proceedings.

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