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Procurement and Contract Services

Superior Contract Services Deliver Win-Win Agreements and Increased Diversion Results

Your Needs. Our Priorities. Maximized Results. Comprehensive contracts set the stage for future success. That’s why HF&H makes certain your agreements and permit systems for collection, processing, and disposal services will satisfy your unique long-term needs and goals. Our experienced staff of experts can address your contract needs by:

  • Offering intelligent strategies for new agreements and enhancing existing agreements.
  • Planning effective diversion programs and contractor services.
  • Managing competitive RFP contractor selection processes that generate numerous proposals, improved services, increased diversion performance, and reasonable costs.
  • Offering independent, objective proposal evaluations and contractor recommendations.
  • Generating tight, well-organized, and readable contracts.
  • Negotiating win-win contract terms and conditions.
  • Performing proactive contract implementation oversight and on-going contract management services to ensure your contractors or permittees meet or exceed performance standards.

HF&H has assisted approximately 100 California communities in achieving their recycling and solid waste contract objectives. Our commitment to excellence has supported successful negotiation of agreements valued at more than one billion dollars and saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

Competitive RFP Contractor Selection Processes:
We manage competitive RFP processes to select future collection, processing, or disposal contractors for recycling, organics, and solid waste services. More specifically, we develop procurement strategies; evaluate and plan future programs and contract needs; facilitate community workshops and public input activities; develop RFPs; prepare collection, processing, and disposal agreements; negotiate agreements; establish rates; revise municipal codes for consistency with new services; and support council and board presentations.

Contract Negotiations and Amendment Services:

We manage contract negotiations processes for new contracts and for extensions or amendments to existing contracts. We develop contract negotiation strategies, plan and facilitate the negotiations meetings, draft the new contract or offer recommendations on new or amended contract language, evaluate proposed services and costs, assess reasonableness of contractor’s compensation; and compare rates to neighboring communities. Our expertise ensures your contract issues and contractor selection projects receive focused attention and yield rewarding results.

Contract Implementation Assistance:

We assist agencies with implementation of new contacts or new services. Our assistance includes facilitating regular discussions with the contractor to monitor implementation activities and schedule, address challenges and opportunities, and manage needed interventions between the contractor and agency. We also track progress of implementation activities; ensure that contractually-required implementation tasks are fulfilled; review equipment specifications for compliance with contract standards; critique contractor’s public education materials; solve problems; and manage issues when they arise.

On-Going Contract Management Services:

Our contract management services can address all facets of your contracts, permits, program needs, and desired goals. We can maximize your ability to meet and exceed program and diversion goals by proactively monitoring your contractors and permittees compliance with contract/permit requirements and performance standards. We can prepare contract management tools and data tracking and analysis processes and use these tools to regularly monitor programs to identify potential problems and plan for future changes.

Compliance with AB 939, AB 341, AB 1826:

We assist cities and counties in complying with AB 939, AB 341, and AB 1826 recycling legislation. We monitor AB 341 and AB 1826 compliance; prepare reporting tools for hauling companies; track multi-family and commercial businesses covered by AB 341 and AB 1826 and their compliance; prepare and distribute public education materials to fulfill requirements; draft reports for CalRecycle; and, attend annual CalRecycle site visits with agency staff.

Is Your Franchise Agreement Expiring in the Next Few Years? Is Your Contractor’s Diversion Performance Lackluster?

The dozens of competitive RFP process we’ve managed have resulted in an average of four proposals each, expanded services, improved diversion results, and, in some cases, cost savings for rate payers. Proactive contract management of franchise haulers has led one community to increase their diversion rate from 17% to 63%! Speak to an HF&H Associate for a Consultation

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