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Successful Contract Implementation Strategies

February 20, 2017

SWANA Florida Chapter Winter Conference, Tampa Bay, FL (February 20, 2017) Presenters: Rob Hilton, Vice President, Lauren Barbieri, Project Manager

You’ve recently managed a successful RFP process, and selected your new solid waste service provider. So your job is done, and you can move on to the next project, right? Wrong!

The most commonly neglected and often poorly executed part of a franchising process comes in the final negotiation of the contract terms, implementation of the new services, and ongoing monitoring and management of the contract. This presentation will illustrate, using real world examples, how best to conclude the contracting process and start the new franchisee off on the right path. This includes: (1) How to structure your process to minimize the scope and schedule of negotiations while still allowing flexibility in the relationship with your new partner; (2) How to work with your service provider in the implementation and promotion of new services; (3) How to deal with contract issues that come up after you think you are done negotiating the contract; (4) How to work with service providers who are actively supporting your communities goals – and what to do with those who aren’t; and, (5) What you should include in your contract management tools during the design phase to equip you to manage a long-term partnership.