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Stormwater, Wastewater, and Solid Waste: Understanding the Nexus

April 7, 2019


Regulations are increasingly drawing stormwater, wastewater, and solid waste closer together. Trash reduction requirements are now tied to municipal NPDES stormwater permits, and, as such, local jurisdictions are trying to bridge the programmatic gap between the historically separate sectors. How can solid waste collection standards be utilized to reduce litter entering the stormwater system? How can those standards be implemented into franchise agreements? And how can local jurisdictions fund the trash reduction requirements?  Funding trash reduction requirements through your solid waste or wastewater rates can free up general fund resources which would otherwise need to go to stormwater funding.  With the recent passage of SB231, the California Legislature has made it easier to fund stormwater programs from solid waste, wastewater, and stormwater rates instead of the general fund.

The presentation will address the preceding questions and will additionally:

  • Educate the audience on the regulatory nexus between stormwater and solid waste.
  • Highlight funding sources available to communities for litter mitigation programs.
  • Describe how local jurisdictions can implement new fees to cover the cost of trash reduction requirements.

Having worked on solid waste and recycling financial planning and rate setting projects for the first 12 years, of his 18-year consulting career at HF&H, and exclusively on water, wastewater, and stormwater financial planning and rate setting projects for the past 6 years, Rick Simonson brings a unique perspective and knowledge base to the intersection of solid waste, wastewater, and stormwater.