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Stepping up to the Plate: What Food Recovery will Really Look Like

April 7, 2019


According to CalRecycle, SB 1383 will be just as significant as AB 939. HF&H has already taken the lead in helping a number of agencies understand what they need to do to comply. Among the myriad of SB 1383 requirements, edible food recovery appears to be an area where jurisdictions need a lot of help. As HF&H was recently awarded the first SB 1383 planning contract in the state, we’ve dived into the world of edible food recovery. From this work, we’ve uncovered ways local jurisdictions can plan, fund, and implement edible food recovery programs that meet SB 1383’s requirements (May 2018 draft regulations). 

This presentation will:

  • Describe edible food recovery requirements as outlined in the current draft of SB 1383.
  • Educate the audience on edible food recovery funding sources available to local jurisdictions.
  • Illustrate the broad spectrum of ways local jurisdictions can comply with edible food recovery requirements.
  • Highlight regional approaches being taken to recover edible food in the state.

Tracy Swanborn, a Senior Manager with HF&H, has more than 20 years of solid waste and recycling consulting experience assisting municipal agencies.  She received a civil engineering degree and is a registered professional engineer.  Her expertise is in planning recycling, composting, and landfill diversion programs and policies; collection, transfer, processing and disposal services procurement; contract development; and negotiations.