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SB 1383 Organics Mandates – Using Data to Measure Progress and Compliance

July 26, 2018

This presentation will provide an overview of how municipal and hauler staff can use commonly collected hauler data to assess progress towards, and compliance with, diversion mandates – especially reduced disposal of organics as required by SB 1383. The presentation will benefit both those with more limited experience with, or interest in quantitative analysis, as well as those with interest in sophisticated analysis and more complex, graphic presentation of data.

Municipal and hauler staff will gain insight into how to use tonnage, service subscription, and demographic data to help assess, for instance, if multi-family and commercial customers have adequate discard stream capacity, or assess over-time how effectively materials are shifting from the black cart, to the green and blue cart across the community as well as within geographic sub-groups. The presentation will provide examples of how to best graphically convey this type of data to decision makers in a clear and concise manner.