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More Than One Way: Community-Specific Zero Waste Business Plans

June 30, 2015

Recycle Florida Today Annual Conference and Exhibition, Daytona Beach Shore, FL Speaker: Rob Hilton, Vice President

Communities throughout the United States are looking for real solutions to the real challenges they face in achieving their state or local mandates for recycling and Zero Waste. This presentation helps local governments, facility operators, haulers, non-profits, and community activists understand the importance of orienting their plans for zero waste around the local context. By applying multi-level PESTLE (Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal, and Economic) analysis, waste characterization analysis, infrastructure assessments, and cost/benefit estimation you can develop a Zero Waste plan that: 1) identifies the most cost-effective policy, program, and facility solutions for your community and capably demonstrates that to decision-makers; 2) prioritizes maximizing the return on existing infrastructure investments over making new ones; 3) clarifies the “business plan” for how the system will be financed; and, 4) recognizes that its success is based on its compatibility with the local context. This presentation describes how different communities around the country are coming up with fundamentally different solutions to achieving our common goal of resource recovery.