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It’s Not As Scary As You Thought: How to Start Implementing SB 1383 Programs

April 7, 2019


In the world of solid waste, SB 1383 is being described as the biggest legislative milestone since the adoption of AB 939. Many jurisdictions across the state (particularly ones without organics collection programs) are anxiously anticipating the final adoptions of SB 1383, but implementing SB 1383 may not be as bad as they think.  HF&H has been at the forefront of understanding SB 1383 requirements since the original drafts were released. We have been engaged with CalRecycle staff, have hosted two SB 1383 Local Government Summits, and are assisting a number of agencies with determining how they will achieve SB 1383 compliance.  HF&H has helped jurisdictions evaluate which requirements should be designated to franchise haulers (or other third parties) and which should be handled by local government staff, subsequently ensuring that franchise agreements reflect those responsibilities.

This presentation will:

  • Provide a big-picture summary of SB 1383, highlighting requirements that will likely have the biggest impact on local jurisdictions.
  • Describe practical steps local jurisdictions can do now to ensure their agencies are SB 1383-compliant.
  • Spotlight local governments that have recently adopted or modified franchise agreements to meet SB 1383 requirements.

Rob Hilton is the President of HF&H and one of six firm owners. Since 2002, Mr. Hilton has provided recycling and solid waste consulting services to more than 150 public agencies across the United States. He has been involved in over 350 projects covering a wide range of strategic, operational, programmatic, contractual, and financial issues. Drawing on his extensive experience, Mr. Hilton has the ability to quickly identify and solve complex problems related to recycling, organics, and solid waste services. Mr. Hilton’s academic background in public policy and administration gives him an understanding of the diverse conditions within the industry as well as the local market context that shapes each client’s unique needs.