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Negotiating for Results ─ Positioning for Success

August 20, 2016

California Resource Recycling Association Trade Show and Conference, Sacramento, CA Presenters: Lauren Barbieri, Project Manager; Peter Deibler, Senior Manager; Tracy Swanborn, Senior Manager

Negotiating for Results” is a three-part presentation.

Designing Programs and Compensation for Zero Waste Communities

Whether you intend to negotiate with your current provider or issue an RFP, the first key to franchising success comes with the design of the programs, compensation structure, and the service specifications. The first part of the presentation uses real world case studies to illustrate best practices around the key program design and specification issues surrounding the process, including: 1) How to evaluate, analyze cost/benefit, and select programs that will support your zero waste objectives; 2) How to engage stakeholders and the public to get buy-in on programs; and, 3) How to structure compensation mechanisms and customer rates to fairly balance risk and reward between the contractor, local government, and ratepayers.

Designing RFPs and Franchises for Zero Waste Communities

Once your programs and compensation structure are planned and the community has bought in, you are ready to start drafting your RFP and contract. This portion of the presentation illustrates the best practices for how to draft your RFP and franchise, including: 1) how to craft documents to get the programs you want now as well as those you may want in the future; 2) how to design the RFP and franchise that attracts more competition; 3) how to structure the solicitation and pricing to support elected officials in a decision-making process that supports your zero waste goals; and, 4) how to structure the proposal evaluation and selection process to increase the likelihood that your franchisee will be a partner with the community in its zero waste goals, rather than just another vendor.

Negotiating and Implementing Franchises for Zero Waste Communities

Now that you’ve got the perfect RFP and franchise agreement and have selected your contractor(s), your job is done and you can move on to the next big project, right? Wrong! The most commonly neglected and often poorly-executed part of a franchising process comes in the final negotiation of the contract terms, implementation of the new services, and ongoing monitoring and management of the contract. This portion of the presentation focuses on how best to conclude the contracting process and start the new franchisee off on the right path. It also identifies contract management tools to equip you to manage a long-term partnership.