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Come See HF&H at SWANA’s Western Regional Symposium

March 15, 2023

SWANA Western Regional Symposium

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Navigating Contract Management in an SB 1383 World

April 4, 2023

Karla Del Rosario, HF&H Senior Associate, will discuss ways in which jurisdictions can navigate their franchise agreement management related to SB 1383 requirements. This presentation will examine strategies and best management practices that will enable municipalities to successfully navigate their existing or new solid waste contract for ongoing programming and SB 1383 compliance. This includes exploring various approaches agencies could and have utilized in partnership with haulers, contracted assistance, and/or inter-departmental relationships to help re-frame or reevaluate a jurisdiction’s approach to managing a solid waste agreement. How should jurisdictions identify and track SB 1383 programs and compliance within their existing framework? What are the best management practices on reporting and recordkeeping and how do jurisdictions leverage existing or new partnerships? What are the most successful approaches to managing SB 1383 public education requirements while increasing outreach effectiveness? In this session, Karla will answer these questions and more. 

SB 1383 Jurisdiction Compost Procurement and Use Strategies

April 5, 2023

HF&H’s  April Hamud and Samantha Irwin will discuss recovered organic waste product procurement and use strategies. SB 1383 requires jurisdictions to procure 0.08 tons of recovered organic waste products (ROWP) per resident per year. AB 1985 creates a two-year phase in for jurisdictions to meet their ROWP procurement targets, requiring 30% of the annual target in 2023, 65% in 2024, and 100% starting in 2025. ROWP targets can be met through applying compost and mulch to public spaces, using renewable gas for transportation, producing electricity for biomass conversion, and more. How can jurisdictions decide which procurement method(s) will fit their needs? How much will it cost to meet procurement requirements? In this session, we will explore methods to develop a ROWP procurement plan, and ROWP statistics and case studies from jurisdictions throughout the State.