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Case Studies

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Residential Survey (2018)

Project Background

In 2018, the Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District (KPPCSD) provided residents twice monthly yard trimmings collection service and were considering expansion of this collection service to include food scraps collection. KPPCSD was evaluating food scraps collection to address interest expressed by some residents and KPPCSD’s concern to meet likely State SB 1383 requirements to collect and recycling food waste by January 1, 2022. Along with food scraps collection, service enhancements would include shifting to weekly organics collection rather than twice monthly and provision of wheeled carts for organic and recyclable materials collection rather than use of customer-provided cans. KPPCSD anticipated a fairly significant rate increase and wanted to know if residents preferred early program implementation or delaying of the new services until required by State regulations.

Project Results

KPPCSD retained HF&H to develop a postcard mail survey that was distributed to all residential customers and yielded a 34% response rate. The survey responses, which were received both by SurveyMonkey and mail and tabulated by HF&H, indicated that 65% of the respondents supported early implementation of the new services.