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Case Studies

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City of San Diego

Long Term Resource Management Options (2006)

Project Background

The City of San Diego Environmental Services Department is responsible for managing collection services to residents, a variety of recycling programs, and disposal services at the Miramar Landfill which at the beginning of the project was scheduled to close between 2012 and 2016. The City engaged HF&H, seeking to develop a strategic plan for its long term waste management options.

Project Results

During Phase I of the project HF&H, with Bryan A. Stirrat & Associates, projected demand and evaluated alternatives as part of preparing a 25-year strategic plan for the City that addressed the City’s recycling, diversion and disposal needs. After the completion of Phase I, it was determined Miramar Landfill had an additional 7-10 years of capacity. Alternative zero waste programs were identified and presented to the solid waste advisory committee.

During Phase II, HF&H updated the waste stream projections and prepared multiple financial models based on various zero waste program and operational criteria as determined by the City.