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Case Studies

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City of Bell Gardens

Contract & Diversion Programs (2011-Present)

Project Background

The City of Bell Gardens’ residential sector is served under an exclusive franchise agreement. The City’s commercial and multi-family sector is served by several haulers under non-exclusive competitive franchise agreements. The City of Bell Gardens retained HF&H to monitor hauler contract compliance, assist with AB 939 and AB 341 compliance, and provide ongoing solid waste consulting assistance.

HF&H provides ongoing consulting services that address all areas of Bell Garden’s solid waste services. These services have included the following:

  • Reviewing the haulers’ operational and financial data to ensure proper payment of city fees and reporting of tonnage.
  • Reviewing rate increase requests submitted by the exclusive franchised hauler on an annual basis.
  • Developing measures to ensure compliance with the State’s mandatory recycling programs and providing updates to City Council.
  • Preparing AB 939 Annual Reports.
  • Developing construction and demolition diversion procedures and documents to ensure compliance with the CalGreen building code.

Project Results

  • Recovered unpaid city fees.
  • Worked with each hauler on an individual basis to ensure compliance with the mandatory commercial recycling regulation.
  • Ensured hauler compliance – meetings between HF&H, the haulers, and the City ensured compliance with all of the requirements of the solid waste and recycling collection contract.