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SB 1383 Local Government Summits: June 12 and 14

May 4, 2018

SB 1383 Local Government Summit: Developing Your Community’s State-Compliant Organics Recycling Programs

Register for Oakland Summit (June 12, 2018)

Register for Long Beach Summit (June 14, 2018)

Draft Agenda

The Local Government Summit will cover the topics below. We will identify SB 1383 requirements, compliance strategies, and example approaches implemented by agencies.

  • SB 1383 Introduction – Goals, Objectives, Highlights, and Penalties for Non-Compliance
  • Collection Programs – Requirements, program options, mandatory ordinance, contamination monitoring
  • Edible Food Recovery – Requirements, example compliance options, capacity planning
  • Enforcement – Requirements for generators, haulers, self-haulers, food recovery organizations; example program
  • Ordinances and Policy Changes – Requirements for mandatory ordinances/polices for organics recycling program participation, hauler regulation, self-haul compliance, edible food recovery, C&D recycling, market development, and procurement
  • Potential Hauler System and Contractual Impacts – Consideration of arrangements with franchise haulers, permitted haulers, processors, and landfill operators
  • Education and Outreach – Requirements plus other education needed to support changes to programs and policies
  • Market Development and Procurement – Requirements and updates on recycling and organics markets
  • Costs and Funding Strategies – Potential cost impacts and funding options
  • Other Noteworthy Topics We Won’t Have Time to Cover – Other organics; infrastructure capacity planning; reporting; other generators jurisdictions do not need to regulate (school districts, charter schools, county offices of education, federal facilities, state facilities, special districts); and, solid waste facility regulations and reporting


Please join HF&H Consultants at our free SB 1383 Local Government Summit to learn about the biggest regulatory change to impact the solid waste industry in decades! Get up to speed on what your agency needs to do to achieve compliance. 

A major component of SB 1383 is reducing statewide methane emissions through reduced landfilling of organic waste. The legislation expands the definition of organic waste (to include yard trimmings, food scraps, paper, wood, and more) and has more prescriptive program requirements than AB 939. CalRecycle just released the second version of the draft regulations, and the jurisdictional program requirements are extensive. The details will be discussed during our SB 1383 Local Government Summit.

What to expect at the Summit:

  • SB 1383 “101” – Get briefed on the basics of SB 1383, also known as the Short-lived Climate Pollutants: Organic Waste Methane Emissions Reduction legislation.
  • What SB 1383 Means for You – Take a closer look at the compliance requirements.
  • Pathways to Compliance – Explore program approaches, timelines, and funding strategies.
  • Learn from Others – Hear from leading agencies with mature organics recovery and enforcement programs.
  • Join the Conversation – Spend some social time with colleagues to discuss SB 1383.

This is a FREE workshop and space is limited. Click the link above to register today!

If you have specific questions you’d like answered at the Summit or would like more information, please contact Kim Erwin at Kim@hfh-consultants.com or (925) 977-6960.