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SB 1383 Implementation Survey

March 8, 2022


HF&H is compiling a Statewide database of information regarding implementation with Senate Bill (SB) 1383 and we need your agency’s input. Respondents will receive survey result updates.

Share Your Experience and Gain Insight

Many agencies are still evaluating options for SB 1383 compliance. To best support your agency, we are creating a database detailing the programs related to SB 1383 that are being implemented across the state.

We are looking to gather information on the following:

  • Status of implementation with items (e.g., Ordinance, submittal of a Notice of Intent to Comply);
  • Plans to cover the cost range of various programs;
  • Staffing resource plans for program implementation and oversight;
  • Current or planned compliance programs including infrastructure or technology;
  • Food recovery efforts and programs;
  • Organic waste procurement target programs;
  • Waiver protocol best practices; and,
  • Any other unique programs or solutions to meet the SB 1383 requirements.

By completing the survey, your agency will receive email updates as data is received. The updates will spotlight unique or innovative programs that could be models for other agencies.

All agency-specific information will remain confidential/anonymous unless we reach out to your agency directly and receive your permission to use your programs as an example.

Click here to complete the SB 1383 Survey.

The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Please feel free to forward this link to other jurisdictions that you think may be interested in participating.

Feel free to call Haley Kunert at (949) 251-0930 or email hkunert@hfh-consultants.com if you have any questions.

Thank you for your assistance and we hope to see your agency’s programs reported on the survey!