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Peter Deibler

November 29, 2016

Peter Deibler is a Senior Manager with HF&H Consultants with over 30 years of experience in the waste management field. He has a background in resource economics and has assisted dozens of public sector clients. Mr. Deibler specializes in policy, process, financial and legal issues related to diversion programs and waste management program and facility procurements and negotiations. He frequently drafts and negotiates service contracts and is well versed in the setting of fees and rates in local government. His work often involves public process and facilitating decision-making by senior staff and elected officials. He is a frequent presenter on a range of topics. He has directed or managed numerous projects related to zero waste and high diversion planning, service procurement, commercial technical assistance, household and business hazardous materials and hazardous waste reduction, contract and rate review negotiations, performance review and contract compliance, rate analysis and structuring, budget projections and planning, and cost of service analysis.

M.A Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley
B.A Economics, Phi Beta Kappa, Beloit College