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Marva Sheehan

November 29, 2016

Marva Sheehan is a Vice President at HF&H and one of six firm owners. Ms. Sheehan has over 35 years of financial and accounting experience as a consultant and controller, including more than 20 years in the solid waste industry. Since joining HF&H in 2005, she has managed rate review projects, billing and franchise fee audits, procurement and contract negotiations, and financial and operational reviews for jurisdictions throughout Northern California. She has developed long-term financial forecasts and long-term management options for landfills and collection operations.

Prior to joining HF&H, Ms. Sheehan was a controller in the solid waste industry, participating in management of solid waste and recycling collections, MRFs, transfer stations and landfills. In this capacity, Ms. Sheehan prepared rate applications for several divisions of the company. The process included the preparation of the rate application package as well as working with the outside consultants during the review. She developed policies and procedures for jurisdictional cost allocations and participated in many franchise fee audits.

B.S Business Administration, Emphasis in Accounting, University of California, Berkeley
Certified Public Accountant – State of California