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Dave Hilton

December 4, 2020

As a Project Manager with HF&H, Dave Hilton has experience in the solid waste and recycling industry involving field audits, contract analysis, procurement evaluation, rate applications, operational reviews, cost of service rate modeling, refuse vehicle impact analysis, and surveys. Additionally Dave is certified in Zero Waste Principles and Practices with both CRRA and SWANA.

With nearly a decade of experience in solid waste management consulting, Mr. Hilton has been engaged in a wide variety of projects for more than 60 public Agencies. In his time with HF&H he has been integral to numerous competitive procurements and negotiations. With a passion for ratepayer advocacy, environmental stewardship, and ensuring his clients reach their financial goals, Dave has managed dozens of cost-based rate adjustments resulting in fair and equitable rates that have continued to help clients meet their diversion goals. He is committed to delivering high quality service to clients by understanding their business needs, developing strong relationships, and consistently following-through on deliverables that exceed their expectations.

B.S., Business Administration/ Business Management, CA State University, Chico